30 May 2020 |
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Amaro Lucano, l’essenza dell’amore italiano

It would be an injustice for Amaro Lucano’s story to have a title in another language. Because only in Italian you can describe the tradition coming from the little Southern village of Lucano, near Matera. Here, the Vena family has been producing the Amaro Lucano herbal liqueur for four generations. And there is nothing they love more.

I’ve been on a short flight to Bari before driving to Amaro Lucano. The area became more famous once the historical town of Matera got the world’s attention last year as the Capital of Culture. Matera is Unesco patrimony as the third oldest city in the world. But my way stops a few kilometres before in the small village Pisticci known also as Lucano, the home of “Lucanesi”. Here I find Francesco Vena, my story, a young businessman but more than that. The keeper of one of Italy’s most treasured label.

“Basilicata is a small region that is found between Campagna and Puglia. And here we are as Amaro Lucano. Why Lucano? Because the name comes from the Lucani, as the inhabitants of Lucania are called. So it is Amaro from Lucania.”

It is still a cold day even if here in the South Italians are spoiled with nice weather all year round. We are sitting in front of the new building named Essenza Lucano where Francesco and his family decided to bring all their story under one roof. The sun is just setting down and the modern architectural complex looks exactly as it should to attract the modern consumers.


The full story in MISTERWATCH printed Magazine No. 5/2020

By Constantin Baches, Pisticci, Italy