13 July 2023 |
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A visit to Amelia restaurant in Dubai is more like a trip to a fantastic land inspired by the story of Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a little strange to define Amelia Dubai just as a restaurant or lounge considering the complex show that lays in front of you once you have passed the green tunnel at the entrance.
Everything starts with what can easily become a movie script. Hypothetically, Amelia is the destination where the courageous woman might have landed her plane when trying to conquer another record as the first female aviator to fly around the globe. In real life, she did try to break the record but disappeared and she or her aircraft were never found… but who cares? The hospitality destination imagined first in a location from Lebanon went to an incredible high level once replicated in Dubai. The thing that strikes you immediately as a first time visitor is the size of the place and especially the high ceilings.
I have mentioned earlier the world of movies because indeed Amelia borrows the arrangement of a professional film set. The multitude and the level of execution of all details is fascinating while it makes you leave the real world for a unique experience. Moreover, the décor is alive as the huge propeller above the huge bar is actually spinning as well as the compass mounted above the DJ that seems no longer able to find the right way.
Amelia offers its guests more seating options, from high tables in the bar area to a more comfortable set up around the DJ and an elegant zone at the upper floor. Its particularity may be considered the vivid atmosphere. Socializing comes naturally because of every element that is placed in order to build the good mood you wish for when going out with friends or family.
Having a concept so well defined in regards to the atmosphere – design and music – makes you think it is hard to reach the same performance in taste. But Amelia succeeds in ticking all the boxes. The cocktails menu is an experience in itself directed by a world champion mixologist. Then, presented as a culinary journey born of Japanese & Peruvian origins, the menu captivates with its fusion of flavours, textures and emotions. There is a part where the conservative people can find more comfortable choices but otherwise, Amelia’s Chefs can take pride in having come up with recipes never to be seen before, like Sake Nikkei – marinated raw salmon with tobiko, crispy nori and ponzu truffle – or Toro Kyabia – thinly sliced tuna with roasted garlic and caviar in goma dressing. There is also a generous selection of Maki and Nigiri but you would have to try the main dishes where the script involves waiters slicing the meat and throwing flames before you need to start cooking your wagyu beef yourself on the hot stone.