It is a little strange to define Amelia Dubai just as a restaurant or lounge considering the complex show that…

13 July 2023

Forte Village – One of a Kind

Forte Village is a destination of unparalleled allure nestling in a truly wonderful natural setting, a scenic masterpiece of blue…

22 June 2023

Hotel Principe di Savoia and its absolutely luxurious luggage tag

Maybe you don’t expect much from a luggage tag as it is a functional piece of paper with a number…

29 August 2022

Palazzo Fiuggi – The Essence of Life

The huge old style gate was slowly opening to allow my driver take me up on a hill through a…

14 October 2021

MISTERWATCH visits Rocco Forte Private Villas in Verdura, Sicily

Verdura Resort is a place that got stuck to my heart since my first visit. It is a unique taste…

14 July 2021


There aren’t many places in the world that can claim an extraordinary career of uninterrupted excellence for almost 110 years….

07 June 2021

Lorenzo Giannuzzi, CEO & General Manager Forte Village Resort, Sardinia: “We were one of the many and we became one of a kind!”

The holiday destination on the South side of Sardinia was established in 1970 and since then it is the international…

09 June 2020

Amaro Lucano, l’essenza dell’amore italiano

I’ve been on a short flight to Bari before driving to Amaro Lucano. The area became more famous once the…

30 May 2020

Ezio Indiani, General Manager Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan: “We will maintain the luxury service!”

It is impossible to talk about Milan without including Hotel Principe di Savoia. It was established almost 100 years ago…

11 May 2020

“Every Opera House is a nice secret.”

The name Dominique Meyer is not maybe related to the kind of fame you discover in Social Media. But once…

02 December 2019