27 April 2020 |
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Radu Dumitrescu, CEO SHC: “The idea of hospitality adapts to any time. And learns from any challenge! ”

MISTERWATCH talks to the owner of the restaurants in the Stadio Hospitality Concepts group about how the idea of hospitality is evolving nowadays.

The Stadio story started from Radu Dumitrescu‘s vision to build a Smart Casual restaurant, as a place to come and relax and eat your favorite food with family, friends or business partners. The concept has evolved rapidly and today the Stadio recipe is available in a group of six restaurants that includes also the highest restaurant in Bucharest – NOR.

The original way in which Radu Dumitrescu builds the good mood of his guests is reflected today in the online booking platform Restograf.ro and in other projects meant to bring the hospitality industry to the virtual environment.

The Covid-19 crisis affected his business and caused him to find solutions to the limitations imposed by the state of emergency. Starting from the opportunities of this situation, the stories of Stadio and Restogtraf are rewritten for a future in which hospitality will be based more than ever on online interaction.

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