31 May 2020 |
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The One “Smile” bicycle by Alessandro Martorana

The idea of elegance and beauty goes far beyond fashion for Alessandro Martorana. After personalizing cars, yachts and private planes, the designer creates now a one of a kind bicycle together with Italian manufacturer Scatto Italiano.

The One “Smile” bicycle was planned since the beginning as the two-wheeled interpretation for what an Alessandro Martorana suit stands for.  Therefore, each piece has to be unique and created only for the individual customer and never repeated in the same form and configuration. Also, as a true bespoke product, all the frames are made on the biometric measurements of the single customer and each component is chosen and customized according to specific usage needs.

Useless to say, all the materials are state of the art and the manufacturing process is based on the artisanal gift of experienced Scatto Italiano master craftsmen. Especially for the painting, every step is carried out completely by hand.

The technical equipment of the One Smile vary to meet the clients’ special requirements, but the real show begins when you decide to look deep into details. As with all his creations, Alessandro Martorana chose to play with colors and textures so that his signature is felt the more you get to look at the apparently simple bicycle.

This is a gift to make you smile! All details here.

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