29 April 2020 |
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Alessandro Martorana, fashion designer: “We need to be positive!”

Alessandro Martorana is a fashion designer but he can also be considered a designer of good mood. Besides style, he shares positive energy and this is one of the things that made him a first choice among world’s most important people.

Alessandro Martorana is positive and his smile comes as the first business card of his unique style. The label that carries his name started from scratch more than 15 years ago and went as high as today Alessandro Martorana competes with all the big brands from men bespoke clothing.
He went to the British and Italian styles to find inspiration for his creations and today he is clearly in a class of its own. Besides the already signature cuts he offers to clients, Alessandro Martorana world is a complete package of clothing services but also of good energy and friendship.
Even when the world stops for a few months, the positive energy is still there and it keeps the big family of Martorana friends together. “All my clients are positive. And when people speak about positive things with other people, you can feel it.”

MISTERWATCH talks to Alessandro Martorana about style in challenging times, about luxury business and about how to choose an elegant watch. All with the relaxed tone Alessandro Martorana is famous about.

The interview follows at the link below. Enjoy!