07 March 2024 |
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Marina Coandă Bundac – Between Authenticity and Compassion

A story of cultural diplomacy and philanthropy

In weaving the fabric of my personal journey, I have discovered that the threads of
compassion, empathy, and cultural harmony are integral to the tapestry of my existence.
My aim has been to have a positive impact on society, to be an example in the field of multicultural diplomacy. Armed with a master’s degree in banking and stock exchange, my journey seamlessly intertwined the threads of financial expertise and cultural diplomacy. To specialize in my passion, I pursued postgraduate studies in diplomacy and cultural advocacy—the foundation of this transformative adventure.

As the director of the Romanian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, I dedicated myself to bridging gaps and
promoting relationships between diverse communities. Beyond the corporate sphere, my
focus extended to promoting Romanian art as the director of the Bonte Foundation. However, my true calling lies in supporting children and the elderly in Romania through various charitable actions.Upon returning to Romania after spending several years in the
United States, California, I sought to put to good use the philanthropic experiences gained abroad. A significant contribution came from a decade as the president of the Christmas Bazaar of the International Women’s Association (IWA). This annual event brings together the diplomatic and international community in humanitarian projects that inspire and contribute to supporting disadvantaged social groups.My desire to leave a legacy transcends professional responsibilities. I find fulfillment in bringing together the international community for humanitarian causes because I firmly believe that each individual has a unique contribution to make. My mantra is simple yet powerful: …


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