03 April 2020 |
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Alessandro Martorana: It is always the right time to be well dressed

I grew up in the 1980s, the years of “panninari” (an Italian trend among young people trying to step away from the classic Italian culture), the years when the concept of fashion designer became established and when it began to take on its contemporary form. A period deeply tied to personal taste and style which helped me develop and refine my approach to research in the field of fashion. If I had been born a decade earlier, on the years of the student and the workers protests, probably my profession would have nothing to do with clothing.

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved being well dressed. Besides the great pleasure of owning the right garment, it was clear to me from the start how much you can judge a book from its cover. It is commonly believed that what we wear strongly influences our perception of the outside world, a rule that was true then, and even more so in today’s world. Being well dressed is above all a form of respect towards others, a reason for pride. Jackets have a central role in my way of dressing, they can make me feel at ease and in order. It’s a sort of uniform for all seasons – the only difference between summer and winter is that in the hotter months I wear it without a tie. Having something on your shoulders is a gesture of respect, even during a summer dinner, it’s not eccentricity, it’s simply a set of rules that up to 40 years ago was part of common sense: hat and jacket were mandatory for men.

Alessandro Martorana, Fashion Designer