11 May 2020 |
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Romain Marietta, Head of Products Zenith Watches: “A watch must be present and coherent for decades before being recognized as an icon watch!”

Romain Marietta is Head of Products at Zenith Watches for 13 years and he is a true watch passionate raised in the industry. He likes to look into the future but he is very much aware of the heritage that puts Zenith in a leading position among the well established brands.

“The iconic watch is by definition a watch that stands the test of time. You must be present and coherent for decades to start to be recognized as an icon. You see that most of the iconic watches that most people recognize are here since a while. They have been created more than 20, 30, even 50 years ago. They have evolved during their history but always in line with their DNA!”

The task of Romain Marietta would be to coordinate the amount of new elements that are added inside the Zenith historic recipes. The brand is for sure one of the most desirable names in the industry and the technical side of its emblematic movements – like the El Primero – comes in line with the iconic design of the collections.

Romain Marietta talks about Zenith watches but also about icon watches in general and about the industry. He describes decisions to be taken for relaunching classic stories but also about the way to plan new models for the future clients. Plus details about the collaboration between Zenith and Land Rover.

The interview follows at the link below. Enjoy!