14 October 2021 |
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Palazzo Fiuggi – The Essence of Life

Palazzo Fiuggi is opened now as the Medical Wellness Retreat with the power to make people reflect more on their lifestyle.

The huge old style gate was slowly opening to allow my driver take me up on a hill through a green park. The domain of Palazzo Fiuggi resembles a small forest even if it is located in the small village of Fiuggi. The property of 8 hectares dates back to 100 years ago and it was always dedicated to Health. The water springs found only here ware praised for their curative effects since the 13th century. One of the illustrious names drawing the public attention was Michelangelo himself writing that he got healed of kidney stones only by drinking this special water. So, as the world evolved, Fiuggi needed a hotel to welcome VIPs looking to rejuvenate. In 1913, architects Garibaldi Burba and Battista designed a huge Art Noveau building and this was the beginning of a glorious era. Palazzo Fiuggi – previously name Palazzo Della Fonte – welcomed celebrities from all over the world and managed to survive the wars only to rejoice again in the 1950s and the 1960s.

There is still most of its original charm even now and I felt like saying “Questa e la Dolce Vita!” the moment I arrived at the entrance. In the main lobby as well as all over the building the details have been restored back to their original condition. The beauty of the last century is reflected by a tasteful mix of wood, marble and fresh flowers. The welcoming team is also making much of the first impression. I got to know Cirro Vecchio, the general manager, and little by little the moment turned into a warm welcome as if I was returning home. Actually for most of the current team, that I now I know by name, Palazzo Fiuggi is a lifetime love. They have previously worked here before the reopening as a Medical Wellness Retreat and they understand very well what an iconic place means.

The difference would be that the new Palazzo Fiuggi is about Hospitality at the highest 5 star level. This is the “magic touch” of the founder, Lorenzo Giannuzzi, CEO of Forte Village, Sardinia’s most famous luxury resort and winner of World’s Best Resort distinction for more than a decade. Mr Giannuzzi wished for this project as 30 years ago it was one of his first jobs as general manager and as for anyone being here… he fall in love with the village. Bringing back the glory to the name Fiuggi is not an easy mission. Restoring the property and acquiring the latest technologies regarding the medical side and the SPA meant an initial investment of 50 million euro. Then he gathered the best doctors, SPA specialists and hospitality team. Theoretically the perfect scenario and still not enough. So Mr Giannuzzi asked the world a magic question: Why not turn the Food from the Medical Wellness Retreat into a gourmet experience?

My first contact with the program was the medical visit immediately after I have checked-in. I discussed with the doctors about my health and what should I experience during the next days. Then I had to wait for dinner and I discovered there are no snacks between meals. I had to suffer a little bit but arriving in the restaurant a few hours later opened my mind to something I didn’t expect. When usually health means sacrifice, Palazzo Fiuggi has a 3 Michelin star Chef – Heinz Beck. So there I was rediscovering the pleasure of every bite and going to sleep with a pleasant sensation of having eaten only what the body really needs. No matter the program chosen, the menu – completely planned for each guest – comes as a lesson we actually can “survive” with three meals at fixed times. The healthy ingredients fit perfectly into sometimes unexpected recipes and the more you stay the more you love every dish – especially some brilliant desserts.

The offer at Palazzo Fiuggi includes different bespoke programs of 3, 7 or more days with various effects. Theoretically there is everything under one roof, from a more general  approach focused on all-around wellness named “Complete Life Rewind” to “Deep Detox” “Optimal Weight” or “Immuno Boost”. The SPA procedures take place inside what I think it is the largest SPA I have ever been to, spanning on more than 6000 sqm underneath the Palazzo and including Thalasso therapy pools. Outside, the relaxation continues with three exterior pools, one of them originally communicating with the interior pool via a glass corridor. On the ground floor elegant lobbies unite a library, a tea room, a restaurant, a cinema and a few shops. What I enjoyed very much was the fitness room named the Movement Lab. Imagine fancy ceilings spreading above high tech fitness equipment overlooking the old city. Once you are here, you have to experience Icaros, a Virtual Reality flying device that delivers the experience of flying or deep diving to put the muscles at work in a different way. Fiuggi water is made available everywhere for the hotel guests and I can testify that the more you stay the more you drink it and enjoy it.

A healthy lifestyle made easy like the Dolce Vita. This would be my conclusion about Palazzo Fiuggi. A destination where you can finally have the time to treat your body and your soul.

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