05 September 2021 |
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Normality is the new extravagance!

Brad Pitt starring in the new De’Longhi global campaign is the best proof the world still needs real men role models and good coffee.

Brad Pitt is maybe one of the few men left in the world of gender related political correctness. He looks cool but not perfect and he still enjoys doing simple things. He evolves in perfect harmony with his age meaning he is ok with adding years and wrinkles to his image. His successful career means acting but also directing, producing and social campaigns. When it comes to selling his image, I would say he is very careful about the brands to which he lends his personality. What I like more though is that his jobs as brand ambassador are always related to “normal” stories when I bet there are all kind of offers on his desk.
Brioni, the iconic suits tailor dressing 007 and many famous kings for 100 years, had some difficult times after being acquired by Kering Group. Men elegance was somehow bad understood when a new creative director wanted to transform Brioni in a fast consuming fashion brand risking to loose all the loyal customers. In the last second before collapse, Kering changed the management and Brioni switched ambassadors from Metallica to Anthony Hopkins and then Brad Pitt. If you ask me, Brioni is in its best shape in a long time and it has to do with the natural simplicity of Brad Pitt. The suits or casual clothes he wears fit perfectly but this doesn’t mean stretch pants and naked ankles.
On the wrist of the Hollywood icon you find a Breitling even if he may wear any brand of watches, including the upper luxury ones everyone is dying to get. But not Brad Pitt. He accepted to be part of Breitling’s Squad and to wear a cool watch priced usually between 3000 and 10000 euro and that you can buy if you want and afford one. Just saying but these days desirable watches are those you can order but only if you are willing to wait for a few years or buy two times the retail price on the grey market.
Coffee is such a delicate story even if almost everyone knows how the magic elixir tastes like. I would dare to say that people think they know.
Arriving in Italy the first time, I was discovering coffee in a way I didn’t know it existed. Short, strong and quick. No makeup. When you are in the country of style you just don’t order espresso as it is more than obvious the word “coffee” equals that essence you can only get from an espresso machine. When you order Cappucio this means the same espresso covered in the softest milk foam you have ever seen and tasted.
It may sound like an offense to consider espresso the best coffee as there are maybe over a hundred ways to brew the magic out of the little roasted beans. But it is the shortest, strongest and quickest way to enjoy it. I have no inside information but I would dare to think Brad Pitt is starring now in the first global De’Longhi advertising campaign because he feels it is the closest way to having good coffee outside Italy, while at home. Of course, the quality depends also on the coffee beans you insert in the De’Longhi espresso machine but it is also about the way taste arrives in the cup. Brad Pitt – actor, director, producer – delivers his message in a video that would perfectly fit in an Oscar nomination. But just like Brioni or Breitling, it doesn’t promote anything else but normality. A man on his motorcycle and his coffee have never looked so good.
Official De’Longhi video here