28 April 2020 |
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David Sanchez, CEO Bomberg Watches: “Creativity is the main response to crisis!”

David Sanchez, 42, has arrived at the helm of Bomberg with an experience of 20 years in the watches industry. Building on the strong design message, he is now taking the brand to the next level.

“A watch inspires emotion and that’s why Bomberg is becoming more and more popular all around the world in the sense that we deliver a very strong message, an intense message that you like or don’t like… If you like it, you want to have it. And this is why our brand is growing step by step every year.” David Sanchez knows very well where he wants to arrive with Bomberg and this is something that can be felt when looking at the new models.

It is no coincidence that last year, in 2019, Bomberg has launched the impressive LOOP limited edition together with Albini Prassa, the importer and distributor for Romania.

David Sanchez believes that “Creativity is the main response to crisis!” And in these times he has the advantage of a very creative brand. “Bomberg is the rock’n’roll alternative of the traditional swiss watchmaking industry!”

Talking to MISTERWATCH, Davis Sanchez explains the philosophy of Bomberg but also what courage means today in the watch industry.

The interview follows at the link below. Enjoy!