26 June 2024 |
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The House of Metaxa reveals Private Reserve METAXA Orama, a symbol of the transition of the House’s Master and a new chapter on sustainability. Konstantinos Kalpaxidis becomes the sixth Master in the history of METAXA, succeeding Constantinos Raptis.

The house of Metaxa unviels Private Reserve METAXA Orama thus celebrating the transition to a next METAXA Master, an event that happens once in a generation. At the same time, the launch aims to promote a new vision on sustainability of the Metaxa House. For the first time in the 135 years, two Metaxa Masters, the present one and the next, collaborate for a new edition. This new version of the Private Reserve drink is an expression of METAXA’s rich, exceptional taste and unique craftsmanship, while making a firm commitment to sustainability. It is a story about a future worth preserving.

Turning a legacy into a future METAXA Private Reserve is the first original creation of the 5th Master, Constantinos Raptis, launched in 1992. Symbolically, it will also become the starting point for Konstantinos Kalpaxidis as the new Metaxa Master. For more than three decades, Costantinos (Costas) Raptis has released Private Reserve in a single batch once a year, the amber-hued drink being made from blends that have reached the pinnacle of their expression. “METAXA Private Reserve is a sophisti cated expression of the distinctive METAXA style. I create it by blending Muscat wines from the island of Samos with fine aged wine distillates and Mediterranean herbs. The long period of harmonizing all these elements in large oak barrels intensifies the fine taste and aromatic richness of this exceptional drink” declares Costas Raptis.

Like Costas Raptis and all the Masters before him, Konstantinos (Kostis) Kalpaxidis has the qualities of a winemaker, a distiller and a Cellar Master.

In addition, having a specialization in agronomy, Kostis also has scientific knowledge in the cultivation of vines. So he brings an added value that allows him to work even closer to the vine growers, supporting and advising them in adopting sustainable practices.

“My mission is to continue to build on the legacy left by Costas and preserve the craftsmanship and consistency of METAXA’s unique creation for the next generation. However, the impact of climate change makes this challenge even more difficult. Therefore, my ambition is to produce METAXA in the most sustainable way possible” explains Konstantinos Kalpaxidis. With the passing of the generation, the two Masters lay the foundations of a close connection between Tradition, Craftsmanship, Innovation and Sustainability.

Protecting the natural heritage of Samos island

The island of Samos has a special significance and plays an essential role in the creation of METAXA.

Samos, this green and picturesque island in the Aegean Sea, is where the sweet and aromatic Muscat grape is grown. An oasis of biodiversity, Samos is the ideal place for the cultivation of the best quality grapes. To preserve this priceless terroir, but also the island’s rich biodiversity, METAXA has initiated a series of projects to support local vine growers in their transition from conventional to sustainable agricultural practices. Indeed, keeping the soils in a healthy state and as rich in biodiversity as possible is crucial for both present and future vineyards.

METAXA aims to obtain sustainability certification by 2027 for the entire crop of Muscat grapes it harvests on the island. At the head of this initiative is the “METAXA Orama Collective”, a group of wine growers named after the Greek word “orama”, which means “vision”. Step by step, METAXA guides these growers in their transition to agroecological practices.

The House’s own vineyard on Samos, METAXA LIKNON, is at the forefront of this effort and will receive organic certification by the end of the year. In addition, due to the mountainous topography of the island of Samos, cultivation is done entirely by hand, which requires more time and effort. METAXA’s support for these winegrowers extends beyond the technical and advisory aspect. The House of Metaxa offers higher prices for grapes to those in the group and additional compensation to those who practice organic farming. Ultimately, the goal is to unite the collective into an even stronger community, prepared for a sustainable future.

The new Private Reserve Orama edition will be the first METAXA expression to contain wines from Muscat grapes grown sustainably on the island of Samos.

The relaunch of Private Reserve, a co-creation of the two Masters, captures this significant moment for the House of METAXA, honouring the precious legacy of Costas Raptis and welcoming the promising talent of Kostis Kalpaxidis. This new product highlights the craftsmanship of both and the desire to offer a more sustainable product. In addition, METAXA’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the new packaging. For the Private Reserve relaunch, the decanter has been redesigned to become lighter and the gift box has become more compact, reducing CO2 emissions by 10.4% compared to the previous packaging.

The perfect reflection of the House’s ambition Private Reserve METAXA Orama is addressed to drinkers and connoisseurs of premium spirits. The aim is to further strengthen the House’s position in the ultra-premium segment, in the context of increasing global premiumization trends. The target consumer group are the 30-40 year olds, quality oriented and taste lovers who are generally aware of what they consume and very knowledgeable about what they drink. The launch of the Private Reserve METAXA Orama marks the appointment of the next Metaxa Master and the House’s new direction, confirming an ever-stronger commitment to sustainability while maintaining its timeless craftsmanship.