20 April 2020 |
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Visions for the future: Public and Private Space after COVID-19

We take a gaze into the future. The world is changing. We have been in isolation for weeks, and although restrictive measures will be lifted, the effects on the human mind and spirit are irreversible.
Governments and industry leaders are tied together in a fight between killing the virus and healing the world.
Until we succeed, we will live mostly indoors and inside ourselves. Our egos will thrive. We will lose sight of globalization. The future of the world will be more around the individual, and less around the community. We will cherish our basic needs more and crave for the connection with nature.
As a design studio we are constantly faced with the search for the new “new”. We use design thinking to discover where the world is heading. We created a compendium of ideas to help senior leaders envision a better tomorrow.

Here are our ideas: https://picktwo.ro/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Visions-for-the-Future-Public-Private-Space-after-COVID.pdf

Sebastian Mîndroiu, Senior Interior Designer – PickTwo Studio