08 April 2020 |
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Slow Fashion is the New Fashion

The times to take it slow are here. Whether we were ready or not, it is happening. And now we are giving a second thought to everything we have ever bought and we don’t use. We also look at things we were planning to buy and we are happy we didn’t. As now they don’t make sense. Because all of them are reasons to make us feel shallow. When the world decides to change without your permission, the list of what you take with you on a desert island becomes shorter and deeper.

When I met the fashion designer Alessandro Martorana, I thought a man can‘t be elegant with just a blue suit and a white shirt. But today, 14 years later, I understood that I can fit anywhere in a classic suit. And that a few good quality suits are all you need to look your best all the time. 20 years ago nobody cared so much about sport shoes who are actually not meant for sport.  There was less talk about simple t-shirts where the huge logo is the only design element. Pop music was related to actual artistic talent and there was not a shame to listen to the same album for more than one year.

Our new world becomes more emotional. It is a world where value is not only about money. It shouldn’t be. We need to choose the classic suit because it makes us look elegant now and in 10 years. Because elegance is not about quantity but quality. And even if we used to say it before too, now it is the time to actually mean it.

Constantin Baches