06 December 2020 |
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How much do you miss Paris?

I’m not asking if you miss it. I’m almost certain that a year without Paris can’t go unnoticed.

It’s clear there’s something in the air. A city with a thousand faults but also with a thousand reasons to be unique. In the world. Paris is the destination that can’t go wrong, although there are many unpleasant things for which you sometimes tell yourself that you will never return. But then the magic intervenes and you wake up in front of a feeling that you can’t hide from. You love Paris for the way it greets you. For how it offers you walks of tens of kilometres that only the phone is still counting. You love Paris for showing postcards with the Eiffel Tower in front of your eyes. And there are those small, old-fashioned places where you hide to taste an authentic foie gras. We count here also the red wine by the glass about which a nervous waiter tells you many things to which you answer yes anyway. Champagne? Always a good idea. Sometimes the subway seems too crowded, and in some areas you wonder if anyone ever comes to pick up the trash. But five minutes later, you’re once again in love with the wide streets, the relaxed attitude that floats around, and how the shop windows on the Champs d’Elysee shine. There are more beautiful cities in the world. London, Rome, Munich, Stuttgart, New York, they are all very nice too. But in Paris there is “something”, and this “something” never lets you get bored of Paris. And you miss another walk on the banks of the Seine.

In the world of luxury cars, where luxury means attitude, Paris has a place of its own. It comes embodied in the way it belongs to the DS brand. Quite difficult to define with numbers and specifications, but easy to feel at first glance. The design is romantic without too many “sweets”. The interior takes on the sophistication of the fashion shops on Avenue Montagne. The feeling that the details outlined by the lights and textures give you is quite difficult to describe exactly. Can you describe exactly a Dior dress? Or how does a Chanel perfume feel? The engine starts silently at the same time as the dashboard clock, previously hidden, is turned into a chronograph. This is how the French are, ambitious and proud. They mounted a real dashboard clock, created by a French watch manufacturer – B.R.M., the only one ambitious and proud to compete with the Swiss in their national sport. But it took a clock for the same reason that the phone remembers the number of steps in Paris. In DS, the B.R.M. remains an indication of the passage of time behind the wheel of a car that makes you dream. For the grumpy arriving in Paris for the first time, there is a precise list of things you can do in the city depending on how long they choose to stay. In DS, the pretentious ones receive almost all the equipment and technologies you expect from a brand in the luxury car segment. But, shortly after you start driving, the feeling of Paris becomes stronger than the logical explanations you are looking for. And you feel in the City of Lights even if the navigation shows you that you would have to travel a distance of about 2300 kilometers. And there’s the quarantine on your return…

Then stop to think about your next visit to the Tuileries Gardens, right next to the glass pyramid at the Louvre, and you won’t miss it so much. DS is for the lovers of Paris and for the romantics who want to fall in love with a car without having the technical specifications as their first concern. Or as the only condition. DS appears as a love for which you listen, in the first phase, to your instincts. And here, instincts immediately fall prey to the exquisite way you travel from home to the office with the impression that you took a tour of Place Vendome.

It is beautiful in Suttgart, Munich or Ingolstadt. Everything is where it needs to be and you will be guaranteed a 5 star treatment. In Paris, sometimes, there are unforeseen situations, but happiness is a state of mind you can’t really avoid. And then you promise yourself there will be a next time. So is DS. It is for a romantic nature that gives a chance and a smile received from where you do not expect. So, before you ask yourself what DS means in a segment where you think the present has already been written, stop! Look at the history of all the celebrities who ran DS! Taste a different design. Press a button that shows you a watch. And ask yourself how long you have to drive to Paris.

Driven model: DS 7 Crossback, 1.6 l petrol engine – 225 hp, 8-speed automatic transmission, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds, top speed 234 km / h, prices start at 34,874 euros