26 March 2020 |
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Constantin Baches: Dream for your mind! Love for your heart!

Mr and Mrs Chin

There is an uncomfortable dose of futility when trying to sell luxury in times of Coronavirus. Except services for which people are willing to pay extra as a substitute for the already sold out mass market alternatives.

Usually we are much more connected to a world of non-vital goods than most of us like to admit. Of course there are extravagances that stand out in stories about the world’s richest persons. There are private jets, yachts and high complicated mechanical watches with incredible high price tags. But then there are luxury goods and services that have only to break a psychologic barrier in order to be successful. And I can use Alessi home design objects as the perfect example. Some of the Alessi creations, designed by famous contemporary designers, are made in plastic. A salt and pepper set called Mr and Mrs Chin costs around 50 euros. Not so much if you judge the experience they offer just by standing on your table. In the same time, their competition in IKEA calls for a maximum 3 euros price for the same functionality. So what will it be?

The uncomfortable dose of futility which glides on any non-vital subject during the pandemic is exactly the magic from “normal” days. Magic that makes people working in IT spend more on their passion for photography than many professional photographers. But nobody calls it luxury as no billionaire buys a 100 million euros yacht or at least a 300.000 euros Bentley. But it is the exact same script. The need to dream has the power to break any psychological barrier, whether it is a 4000 euros camera or a 50 euros salt and pepper plastic set.

Let’s not blame dreams, as they feed our souls! Let’s not blame Beauty just because, today, we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel! We still need to make plans about our next holiday or about the watch we like since so long. Let‘s not kill a topic considered non-vital but actually vital for the mind and for the heart!

Next time, choose Alessi because it will make your kitchen a place to love! As, maybe, it could have been exactly during these times. When we have to stay in the kitchen and dream…

Constantin Baches, Journalist and Founder of MISTERWATCH Magazine