06 September 2020 |
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Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupe – Downgrade to upgrade

Why choose a 6 cylinder AMG when you can have a V8? Maybe because the lifestyle of today turns the idea of rational into the new luxury.

Downgrade to upgrade? Sounds like nonsense but think again! Think about your lifestyle and when and how you need to drive your car! Of course the V8 running underneath the 63 AMG logo is a much bigger temptation but when applied to the GLE Coupe I vote for the six in line 3,0 litter. Wishing to be excused by the ladies following my story, we still need to count a few more technical details. First, the V8 may prove more flexible compared to a V12 but for sure it is still more rigid as the 6 cylinder. And by “rigid” I mean appropriate for the city traffic situations when the average speed only rarely breaks the 10 km/h barrier. So you may find yourself in the unpleasant situation of having a super sports car that can’t dance to the exact rhythm of a crowded street. So no need to complain about a too violent acceleration when your car was first intended to run freely on the highway. And then we have the eternal story of the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which, as its name suggests, was originally thought of as an utility vehicle. Therefore much more difficult to adapt to super dynamics than a limousine sitting lower to the ground. The more power you have, the stiffer the suspension becomes.

The GLE Coupe 53 AMG looks as good as a “big” AMG can get and sounds like one. But when put to work in various scenarios it proves to be much more obedient than the 63 AMG version. So think again if you really need the top version! The “downgrade” costs you 177 HP and a 1,5 seconds slower acceleration but this doesn’t mean the 435 HP 53 AMG is “lazy”. Press the acceleration to the floor and you’ll be flying from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,3 seconds. Not to mention the perfect control in any situation, at any speed. You like the AMG looks? The car comes packed with all the sporty accessories you dream of and the comfort level for which Mercedes-Benz has been famous for 137 years. Actually I did try to find low quality materials in the interior and I failed. I think the current GLE is actually one of if not the best quality premium SUV I have driven lately.