01 October 2019 |
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The New Porsche 911: Life’s Small Precious Pleasures

They are part of our lives. Usually not strictly related to money. Always making smiles. Just like all 911s in history.

There is something almost magic about things that you know they will make you smile in 99% of all situations. I give you one strong example: airport luggage. Yours exactly but coming back at you after you have been waiting along the belt at arrivals. Just think for a moment at the joy you feel while you can see with your own eyes the airline didn’t lose your trolley and this means you’re going to have a perfect stay. Well, I give you another example: the business class upgrade when you were mentally prepared for a long flight in economy. You didn’t see it coming and it is an obvious fortune as the airline has overbooked the flight. But it feels like a smile growing from inside your heart and resting on your face for many days after the trip will have finished. Yes, this is what we can call life’s small pleasures that come with a price but not with the price as the main condition.

The full story in MISTERWATCH No. 2 printed October edition 2019.

by Constantin Bacheș, Athens, Greece