14 October 2020 |
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Jaguar F-Type – British sports elegance

Eye catching but no show off. Calm when driven calmly. Fast when provoked.

Maybe you haven’t driven a Jaguar in a long time or maybe you never had this experience. Maybe you have just seen the cars from outside and wondered why they decided to radically change the design after 100 years of being a British sports car icon. I did also. But then I asked one of the designers and he answered to me that Jaguar did a normal thing. They changed the looks as the brand was moving too far away from being a sports innovative automotive product. The founder’s philosophy. But the attitude remained unaltered since day one. And when you get behind the wheel this is exactly the first thing you feel. An elegance you usually admire on the London streets. A particular way of transmitting power in the same way a gentleman always knows how to be polite but to make himself heard. The Jaguar attitude is the light dash of a luxury fragrance you notice a few minutes after the most elegant person passed by.
After driving Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, there is still something that only in a Jaguar you will feel. Underneath the modern design and the more and more attractive multimedia package. I would call it British elegance with a sports accent. Don’t look again at the photos! It is something you have to feel. To touch. To Drive.
Driven: Jaguar F-Type 2.0 l, 300 HP