19 May 2020 |
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Gregory Dourde, CEO HYT Watches: “At HYT, our future is now!”

Gregory Dourde is CEO of one of the most courageous brands in the Swiss Haute Horlogerie segment as it is the first and still the only manufacturer of watches showing time using liquids. And on top of the performance, the mechanic movements bring an original design never to have been seen before.

“When we create, we never think of the future. I love to say that the future is now. The future is according to what you do right now. Don’t expect something from the future. The future is not something that is abstract. The future is only impacted by what we are doing now. So, at HYT, our future is now!”

When you are an independent brand launched in 2012 and you choose to display time with fluids, it becomes your mission to contradict everything about the classic horlogerie. And even if your movement is manufactured in the spirit of fine Swiss watchmaking tradition, the original approach on time puts you in a totally different category of watches.

Gregory Dourde talks about the way HYT is building its story as well as the way it considers to address clients. But, before anything else, he goes back to the essence of the brand and explains why using fluids is a much more intuitive way to tell time compared to everything that has been done in the industry for the last 300 years.

The interview follows at the link below. Enjoy!