04 March 2021 |
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Do watches love cars or do cars love watches more?

This is the question. And it is around since cars were invented as, allow me to make a simple observation, watches date back from times when people were still travelling by horse and carriage. But after Mr Benz invented the automobile, the passion for watches was at least equalled by the passion for driving. People in love with cars continued to use pocket watches and wrist watches as they wanted to measure their performances. Ask how fast and the answer will relate to seconds, minutes and hours.

Today you don’t need a watch on your wrist anymore. But do you see yourself that person with no need for passions? Please, look into the mirror and you will admit you want a car with personality and you can’t say No to a beautiful mechanical watch.

Do watches love cars or do cars love watches more? I think they are both in Love with each other. These days I see more attraction than before. Besides the already well established “marriage” between Breitling and Bentley, the beginning of the year brings more new partnerships: TAG Heuer and Porsche, Richard Mille and Ferrari and Girrard-Perregaux and Aston Martin. If we look around there are also IWC and Mercedes-Benz, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini, Jacob&Co. and Bugatti, Zenith and Land Rover/Range Rover or Bvlgari and Maserati. What’s the catch? I would say that people wearing a precious watch on their wrist are probably driving an emotional car as well. But there is a high probability that people driving the most expensive cars on the street to carry nothing more than an Apple watch on the wrist. So who needs who more?

Allow me write here for eternity J Go look for people with the passion for watches and try to make them love certain cars by showing them the matching watches! Go talk to the people passionate about watches and you will usually discover even more passions! Look closer at watch collectors and you will discover that sometimes their watches cost more than many cars! And more than anything else, watches have thought them to appreciate art, to treasure time and to have patience.

So, dear cars, now it is the moment to love watches more!

All the motoring Love coming up in the next edition of MISTERWATCH Drives & Travels!