17 April 2020 |
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Christian Knoop, Creative Director IWC Schaffhausen: “The watch is not just a technical product but a very emotional one!”

Christian Knoop comes from Germany but he is now at home in Switzerland where he is heading the creative department of IWC Schaffhausen for more than 12 years. He started his career as an industrial designer before he entered the world of Swiss watches and discovered that a watch is not only a technical product but an emotional one.

When you are in charge with the design of a brand like IWC Schaffhausen you have to understand very well what an iconic watch means. There are not many watch manufactures that can offer such a powerful portfolio of Swiss Made symbols of high class horlogerie.

“Especially during these days, when you have so many new watches coming to the market, every week, there are only a few that stand out. These are the watches that stand out and capture also the taste of the market. Therefore, they visually, aesthetically and also physically last longer than others. These watches have character in most of the cases, they are not necessarily better designed than others. It’s not a question of general level of design. Whenever I look around me, also at many other brands, the level of design is still very high and constantly increases. The technic quality of watches constantly increases. But really what makes a watch iconic is the character and the identity of that piece!”

When asked about his favourite watch, Christian Knoop says it is always the one he is working at. But there is a model he will always feel attached to. When he first arrived at IWC, he got to wear a Portuguese Yacht Club edition. And he still finds it very beautiful.

Christian Knoop talks to MISTERWATCH about iconic watches, about IWC Schaffhausen, about social media and his passions.

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