06 September 2020 |
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BMW M340i xDrive – The Secret Weapon

You have no clue about how fast and smart the BMW M340i can handle any request just by looking at it. But then you drive it and you start feeling like James Bond.

There is a cult about adding super sport details to “normal” engine cars, eventually to economical versions. Nothing bad to it but a little bit of confusion I might say for the untrained eye. If we talk the “M Culture” in the BMW world, I think there is no any other premium brand more happy to make your every day model look fiercely in town. You see big wheels, large exhaust pipes and darkened headlights but less and less buyers are willing to spend on large engines. And from here we have also the new trend of renaming models with big numbers maybe for making owners feel better for their smaller choices.

The M340i I am driving now – that would have been named 330i in the early days – is the opposite of everything trendy nowadays and maybe this is the reason for which I fall in love with it so fast. Not for the special blue colour that was once available only for the real BMWs. Not even for the 19 inch rims which I think you can have also for 2,0 l diesel. But for the feeling of having a six cylinder army of 374 HP at my complete disposal and the perfectly balanced all-wheel drive technical platform of the 3 series supervised by the M engineers. So when the “accessories makeup” is gone, BMW is still the performance brand to make you rediscover the gasoline driving pleasure. It is somehow like the perfect machine to make you feel like the perfect man. You can stay slim fit in a medium class limousine but effortlessly run with 250 km/h or accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,4 seconds if needed. Of course James Bond usually walks slow and elegant but he knows he can beat you at any sport.

When not in the mood for “racing” or while spending time in the overcrowded city, the same M340i allows you to feel the future of self-driving cars. Because the same rather normal looking 3 series already knows how to drive itself allowing you for a short contemplation of your James Bond aspiring existence. Turn the auto pilot mode on and the steering wheel follows the direction of the road, the brakes apply themselves until full stop if needed and then the car accelerates up to the speed limit of the particular area. Once the cameras get confused, the steering wheel turns yellow and even red while a specific sound warns you it is time to get back in control.

Inside the car, BMW doesn’t go for any extravagance. In the end, James Bond is always choosing a classic style. There is still a digital dashboard besides all the technological “spices” BMW has and uses even in the big limousines like the 7 series. And then you remember you can access the gesture control for functions like setting the music volume or answering an incoming call. It is already known from many other models but here, in this special M340i, moving your hand to command the multimedia system is exactly what a secret agent expects in order to feel complete.


You absolutely need this car if you are – or at least feel like – a secret agent. You can run faster than many “loud” supercars and you have more gadgets than many “futuristic” models on the market. You don’t care about the price or the consumption (otherwise a very rational one) and you wouldn’t choose the upcoming M3 anyway as it is too obvious for your discreet lifestyle.