23 May 2021 |
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BMW X4 – Cars for Joy

I don’t think there is an exact recipe for joy in the cars industry but I know that in order to find joy in a certain model it has to have it all: the design, the quality, the performance and the emotion. Love has never been a rational feeling.

Why argue anymore about the utility of an SUV Coupe? It is a beautiful car for the most of us and this is enough argument for continuity. We can talk more about whether we still need a large SUV like the X5 when you can have all the advantages in an X3. Therefore, why not prefer an SUV Coupe like the X4 in front of the X6? But I won’t go that far because the BMW I have been driving for these days made me feel complete. And while recent reports show an increased appetite for electric models, I know Joy for a guy like me is directly connected to the sensations coming from an “old” conventional 6 cylinder engine (By the way, there is also a small electric engine for a little push when needed).

The X4 M4.0d is much more than you think. I know there are strong reasons for which the 1,0 l engine is everything this world still needs from the “archaic” internal combustion engines. Because, in most of the situations, we look for arguments while stuck in traffic. For sure, moving around the crowded streets with an average speed of 5 km/h can’t make you feel the magic of large engines. And then there is the chronic lack of time that turns the idea of admiring a car into nonsense. Well, nonsense may be the appropriate term to describe our obsession to translate everything into efficiency. For sure, an SUV is much more logical than an SUV Coupe but who cares?

The high quality interior is a condition for any BMW and some “M flavoured” boy’s details look so nice when they catch your eyes. 1000 km in one day seems like a nightmare but in reality is not so bad when you drive a car that offers comfort and Joy.

So here I am thinking I could be happier to witness the revolution of the automotive industry from behind the wheel of an X4. And make it an M4.0d please! In translation, a 3,0 l diesel engine with sport settings that makes you fly over huge distances while putting a large smile on your face. The electronic systems work seamlessly and only to increase your self-esteem. BMW knows how to make you feel a much better driver than you actually are.

Yes, this is what Joy means and this is why people chose to travel by cars in the first place, more than 100 years ago. Back then, the train was faster and the horse was more reliable. But guess what? The idea of a smoking, roaring automobile was more fun. Today we are left with the fun, no smoke and sound only by request. Our grandparents would be jealous! Think about it while you scroll the electric charging stations app on your phone! BMW has a price for the Joy but there is not a crime to love it. This is why a 6 cylinder X4 makes sense in the first place. The diesel option is economical but it is also powerful (700 Nm) from low revs. Driving is a wonderful feeling! And if you tell me no, then maybe you haven’t met the right car yet!


Driven: BMW X4 M40d xDrive, 340 HP, 0-100 km/h in 4,9 seconds, 250 km/h max speed