02 April 2020 |
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BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe: A lesson about Beauty

Travelling to Lisbon to drive the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé is a lesson about Beauty. A beautiful setup with the ocean in the background enhances the story of a BMW created to talk beauty to clients looking to stand out in a compact sized car.

It is no coincidence BMW chose Lisbon as the destination for launching its new 2 Series Gran Coupe. The atmosphere near the Ocean is unique. The sun shines warmer and the locals’ calm attitude relaxes you fasten than you expect. I would call it a well being factor. Just like a nice car makes you feel.


So after a short drive from the airport I am already at the hotel to face the new 2 Series. And here I am to have a revelation. The image of the car oriented at a young audience is a powerful presence beyond its medium sized class. I don’t think classes are today as important. Beauty has become the most important factor for any kind of decision. Even if we talk restaurants. When asked what do you think about a certain place, I bet the first answer would be Beautiful or not. When, logically, maybe the evaluation has to be more closed to the food. But there is no more logic when we take more emotional decision than we like to admit.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe is a head turner, especially in the situation of my test model. I am fortunate to experience the top of the line – a beautiful “235” with M accessories and all-wheel drive traction. This means “only” a 4 cylinder engine but an impressive 306 HP “kick” that will guarantee the sporty character BMW is famous for. Nevertheless, many of the clients that will buy the car will not care much about the technical side. But for the way multimedia and materials blend in. And again it‘s no coincidence the producer pays great attention to the two aspects. While attending the press conference, the night before the actual driving, I am fortunate to meet the engineer in charge with developing the technical platform. Even if I won‘t mention his name here, it is worth mentioning that he caught my attention with his IWC Pilot watch. So obvious a business card for people with good taste. Instead of listing hundreds of cold figures, he shared with me his experience while around the world for some extended focus group sessions to find out what the young clients expect from their cars. And guess what? During all the sessions, nobody bothered to talk to him but the multimedia and interior design responsible. A lesson from which BMW received one more proof, if needed. The automotive future is emotional. In every class, at every price.

Photos: Tom Kirkpatrick, BMW

The full story in MISTERWATCH printed Magazine No. 5 2020

by Constantin Baches, Lisbon, Portugal, with the support of BMW Romania