06 April 2021 |
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Yesterday you said tomorrow! Wear your best image as of today!

I have this Nike ad in mind for some time now and I think it fits so well with our way of talking more and  doing less. I am often called and people prepare me for a day when they will completely change their lifestyle and image. But there is always an excuse first. For the moment they are on the way to loose weight, they are too busy with their work or they wait to have more money before they begin to “look rich”. Some reasons are right, sometimes everything would be better if our planets get aligned faster, but today is always a good day to change the mindset.
15 years ago Alessandro Martorana noticed I was wearing a suit and tie only when I met him for business. And he asked how I dressed during the rest of the days. I told him I wear casual clothes because I don’t need to look elegant. His advice is still the foundation of everything that relates me to style: “when you look good people have a better impression about you. And if you dream to have the best in life, prepare yourself by wearing your best image everyday. It is not only about the car you drive. It is about how you keep the car you drive. If you keep it dirty and scratched then maybe you are not still ready to drive a better car!”
When we talk style and image, I am the first to recommend the evolution and not the revolution. The elegance is in details and it all starts with our own decisions and not some clothes or objects we think of. It is us who decide to be careful about how we build the image we project towards the others. It is us who decide to give up on the clothes and habits that don’t fit well. It is us who decide to choose only the details that make us look and feel better. And this is not about high prices, luxury brands, perfect bodies or relaxed schedules. It is in our DNA to enjoy beauty and once we start thinking how to be perfectly dressed it becomes a helpful habit. And please don’t start with the way billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg dress. Or with what clothes the people that hire men in suits actually wear. These are Instagram feel good stories or reasons for which you can start your upgrade tomorrow. And tomorrow what will you say? Why don’t you start changing today?
By Constantin Baches