02 December 2019 |
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Bomberg – Character in Limited Edition

The Bomberg Bolt-68 Loop limited edition proposes a theme never to be seen before. The complex dial is inspired by the Romanian character, combining folklore and art into a message that changes its meaning depending on which side is looked at.

The mission of Bomberg watches has always been to provoke using a powerful and colorful design. And whether it is a collection for men inspired by the world of cars or a collection for women the result is always meant to split the audience between a category of lovers and haters.
For the Bolt-68 Loop, Albini Prassa, the Bomberg distributor for Romania, decided to make an even higher bet. So it took the already daring platform and went deep into the roots of Romanian tradition in order to come up with a unique piece of art. The motif of the dial was entrusted to ȘEZI, an atelier from the heart of Romania, in Alba-Iulia, who had focused on Romanian heritage since the beginning. Octavia and Lucian have both graduated Architecture but immediately felt they are more artists than technicians. So they founded SEZI brand in 2014 and since then they have been studying the national stylistic background in order to enter the universal language of symbols. Inspired by the shapes of the past, SEZI is always about combining the present with the art of the past using tradition as a bridge between the two worlds.
When starting to think about the new Bomberg concept, SEZI immediately made a connection that was an obvious exercise coming from outside the world of watches. How about a dial which changes its interpretation depending on where it is viewed? But which both themes find their roots in the same traditional background. The result came as an original combination between a wolf head and a woman face. “In the Trans-Caucasian cultural complex, the presence of the wolf is suggested, besides others, by the masks of characters participating in ritual processions. In addition to the mythological prestige of this animal, the geometric purity of the form and the extreme simplicity of the lines contributed to keeping the character in the foreground of the popular imagination. The wolf is part of a symbolic reality. He is the connection with the sky, being the master of the forest. The wolf is connected to the land where the mythical memory lies, being the forest‘s most feared animal, but also its most admired one. The wolf’s head is like an icon in the imagination field. The individuality of the warrior-hunter animal is considered magical.”
So after the folklore was clearly represented in what was to become the watch original dial, SEZI thought about a second identity, but this time a feminine one. And they went to a very well-known work of Romanian famous Brâncuși sculptor. “The watch hides essential, sensitive meanings. Comparing and putting a feminine and a masculine character together is enveloped by mystery and at the same time it looks natural. It is a fine transition from the folk tradition to the works of Brâncuși, which leave the historical framework and go beyond time. We were inspired by the expressiveness of Madame Pogany, which exudes a complex simplicity.”
The word LOOP was finally chosen because of its double meaning and the easiness to resonate with both Romanian and English languages. It may be considered an onomatopoeia, a powerful sound or even a repetitive structure, where the beginning meets the end. When translated in Romanian, LOOP is pronounced as the name of the wild animal who’s face is reflected on the dial but also in the Romanian folklore.
Inside the 45 mm stainless steel black PVD, Bomberg has placed a high precision quartz movement. The chronograph function is highlighted by the unusual positioning of the pushers on top of the case. And, as a special feature of B-68 collection, the case may be removed from the strap support and it transforms into a pocket watch. The spectacular design is transposed on the dial with high quality technologies that guarantee a perfect image and vivid colors. The hands and the indexes are luminous for readability in the dark and the strap is offered in a luxury choice of leather or a versatile silicone version. The case is water resistant up to 200 meters.