20 October 2020 |
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The power to adapt. Our power

“Being able to adapt to every situation is a problem but also a quality of the human being.”

I said it for one hundred times. So I will say it one more time. There are a lot of high quality products in the world but less and less good stories. For Alessandro Martorana offering the best service, that kind of service that turns clients into friends, has been the foundation of his entrepreneurial adventure since the very beginning. Today, 15 years later, service is still the priority. The personal touch is the key. Taking decisions with the heart, at least sometimes, makes the difference. Covid brought tests, legislation, complicated flights, longer waiting times and again tests and worries. But it doesn’t matter on the way to keep a promise. Friends got the proof that Alessandro Martorana comes back as one of the few signs to make them feel a bit like before. I mean one of the feelings we all had before this strange situation. Style is a small gate to the feelings we thought we lost. Choosing all the details for the image that reminds us to be happy is still fun. I keep in my mind a smart line told to me by a hotel manager I recently interviewed: “Being able to adapt to every situation is a problem but also a quality of the human being.” My adventure as a style consultant and as a lifestyle journalist is fueled by the power to adapt. Be it a Covid test result I wait for before a last minute flight. Be it a legislative change that means a change in the plans. Be it a flight added to an already busy schedule. In the end it’s hard to believe that things will be back as before. But the beautiful things that make us smile have to stay with us. It’s like during an important football match when the state of mind motivates the players to turn the situation in their favor during the last minutes. I play every minute through empty airports, empty busses, desolated taxi cues, too crowded planes, quiet restaurants and at the end of every trip I find reasons to remain optimistic. Every time I raise my eyes from underneath the mask there is beauty. There are friends worth traveling to. There are beautiful places worth being enjoyed. There are still beautiful stories that continue to make me smile. Who would have thought about the times we live in now when they made a wish for a better year than 2019? I dare to say that maybe everything happening these last months made us better. And should make us appreciate more the quality of a heart driven service. Of a high quality product that still has soul.

I won’t name just Alessandro Martorana or Misterwatch. I let you think about another one. For sure you have one. Yes, that one. Think about it and don’t forget to smile! We are all like this. We have the power to adapt to everything.