26 October 2021 |
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The De’Longhi way to enjoying coffee and a few other Italian habits

Italy means so much more than you think after seeing all the great American movies about Italy. Coffee also.

Italians you meet while on holiday in Italy are very different from what you expect them to be. We have all seen a few great American movies about Italy but the reality will reveal to you a few habits you weren’t expecting.

Everybody knows what a pizza is about and how to eat it. Eventually with your hand but not if you are a genuine Italian. Although Italians adore pizza, they will always use a knife and a fork. Exactly. They will totally enjoy every bite while they delicately cut one little piece at a time. And by the way, no tomato sauce or ketchup will be added. Never! Which pizza you order as an Italian? “Una bella margherita”, of course!

If pizza is Love then Pasta is Religion. You are not really an Italian if you don’t feel like eating pasta three times a day, every day. Mostly simple, with olive oil or tomatoes. Or any kind of pasta. Italians know by heart each type of pasta, they have stories about it and they dream of the day when they can eat as much as they want without ruining the ideal silhouette that makes a suit fit perfectly. But keep in mind –  if you go somewhere for pasta and you are also served with a spoon,  rest assured that is not the Italian way. A true citizen of the Pasta country will enjoy any spaghetti, rigatoni, farfalle, penne and so many more little and delicious wonders with just the fork. You read it right. One fork is enough from Napoli to Milan. Be careful about spots on your white shirt! It is a must to make your way to the end of the plate with a white napkin in the other hand. You either place the napkin directly under your collar or you raise it each time the fork makes its way to your mouth.

And coffee? The sine qua non condition to feel Italian! But you can’t live all your life just on espresso. In Italy, ordering coffee means espresso but Italians enjoy many more ways of preparation. Cappuccino represents another milestone and you can have it for breakfast or between meals. No real Italian will end a meal, not to mention dinner, with a cappuccino. It is made with lots of milk, which turns the recipe into a meal by itself. But cappuccino is just as important as a latte is or maybe a flat white.

De’Longhi comes as a bit of the original Italy wherever you choose their coffee machine with an Italian soul. It allows you to have your personal choice of coffee – mine is illy – but then it prepares it like in Milano, Rome or Florence. Espresso, Cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white and so many more ways to introduce you the real Made In Italy movie. You push a button on the display or you use the app on your phone. Yes, the app you carry next to the travel app where you plan your next holiday. Where to? Italy? Certo!