29 August 2022 |
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Hotel Principe di Savoia and its absolutely luxurious luggage tag

There is a marketing obsession to underline the quest to offer luxury without compromise. But when you enter some luxury hotels the first contact you have with your host is “Hello” at the entrance and an ordinary luggage tag that gets attached to your bag.

Maybe you don’t expect much from a luggage tag as it is a functional piece of paper with a number that helps the receptionist identify your things and send them to your room once you are checked in. Theoretically.

At Principe di Savoia, the “piece of paper” that gives identity to your luggage presents itself as luxurious as the hotel and its real obsession for luxury in every detail. Far away from any marketing trick and maybe at a time when the marketing team is very well at home, your luggage is being brought to your room with a tag that you feel like keeping as a memory long after you leave the hotel.

Somehow reminding that Milan has a passion for high quality print (and not only because of Misterwatch), the precious ink is laid on cardboard, the name of the hotel appears in a golden color, the layout and the fonts are extremely elegant and respect the corporate visual language you meet all over the property.  Even the high quality black elastic is attached to the tag through a metal staple which of course adds resistance if not only elegance. All this for an ordinary luggage tag that a guest might throw away the second he or she leaves the hotel. Such an effort for just a paper luggage tag. But these are the details that define “luxury without compromise”. Of course you have the best team, the warmest smiles and the purest and the most intense Milanese hospitality and style.

I may be a little bit subjective because Milan is my home but in reality I live in hotels around the world. I know how to “read” a hotel from the first steps inside. I am aware that in Milan, the capital of fashion, there are a lot of fashionable hotels. But style is forever.

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By Constantin Baches