07 June 2021 |
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I won’t say Luxury as by looking at all the details that define Plaza Athenee anyone can quickly understand that this Hotel represents the best of everything. But I dare you to experience Plaza Athenee from its glamorous perspective, a one of a kind recipe of history, emotion and Parisian style.

There aren’t many places in the world that can claim an extraordinary career of uninterrupted excellence for almost 110 years. Plaza Athenee though reigns the most fashionable boulevard in Paris – Avenue Montagne – since 1913. It was since the first day planned to become the most luxurious address in the area and it remains true to its initial philosophy. Time passed in a unique way over the iconic palace and the brand miraculously adapted to all modern expectations without altering its heritage.

Plaza is the kind of address where you want to dress elegant because you feel like to and not because you have to. It may be an impulse coming from the interior furnishings enriched by the fresh flowers and from seeing the impeccable dressed staff. But more, it is a state of mind thinking that you walk in the same footsteps of all the world’s royalties from the last century until today. The ground floor is an institution of luxury in itself and the meeting spot for tourists and locals alike. You can hear all the languages and sometimes, when the evening comes, the unique voice of a harp. There is also the possibility to spend some time in the interior garden that continues the motif of the red flowered façade. In any situation, the air is rarefied and rich in stories especially that some historical photos can make you understand you have the privilege of a unique travel in time.

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