14 July 2021 |
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MISTERWATCH visits Rocco Forte Private Villas in Verdura, Sicily

There is now a place where all the magic you find only in Sicily comes wrapped around in the most luxurious package you find on the island

Verdura Resort is a place that got stuck to my heart since my first visit. It is a unique taste of wild nature that Rocco Forte new how to untamed in order to make place for a 5 stars resort that offered Sicily to the world of luxury. I am myself against this overrated word but in what regards Verdura, a clear differentiation has to be made as the package that includes welcoming rooms and apartments, restaurants, SPA, a golf heaven and so many more aims to satisfy a discerning clientele that can and will make the difference between an average and an excellent hospitality.

The atmosphere once you pass the walls of the property the size of Monaco is windy and relaxed. The green feeds the eyes and somewhere far away, at the horizon, a thin line of the blue sea kisses an infinite sky. There are also the olive trees and the orange groves that spread all over the place and that add the taste of what you actually eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

On top of all this, Verdura Resort has launched its flagship product, the private villas that are positioned somewhere on top of a hill. But actually, once you see and touch them you understand they are precisely and exactly where they should be. The resort was already ready to welcome guests in private and extremely spacious apartments positioned close to the beach. Nevertheless, now there is the choice of sitting high, whence the most beautiful sunsets lie before their eyes.

The first group of 20 villas is ready and they offer privacy and Sicilian nature while the guests can enjoy their pool and terrace all day long. The services package includes ordering everything from the hotel but, if you want, there is the villa’s golf cart or the electric bike for a 7 minutes ride to the central building. There is though the possibility to suddenly need to stay “at home”. The architecture and the design of the villas was coordinated by Olga Polizzi, the sister of Rocco Forte and it is deeply inspired by the local spirit. The idea of having a flat two stories construction is a Sicilian thing known as the “baglio”, which is easy to recognize by its wooden beams, flat roofs and external stairs.

The villas are simple but you can feel the quality of every detail. I would describe the furnishing as an original mood at the ideal intersection between an understated comfort and Sicilian art that can be admired in all the island’s points of interest. And something you understand in an instant is that you are at Home. By the way, the kitchen is actually equipped with everything you might need, from the coffee machine to the things useful for a dinner prepared on spot.

The Rocco Forte Private Villas range from 200 sqm to 300 sqm and may offer 3 or 4 bedrooms, all including their own pool. Each of the villas has its own individual character even if, as expected, they all share elements that make them belong to the same story.

For more details visit www.roccofortehotels.com/nl/hotels-and-resorts/verdura-resort/ or write to concierge@misterwatchmagazine.com

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