09 June 2020 |
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Lorenzo Giannuzzi, CEO & General Manager Forte Village Resort, Sardinia: “We were one of the many and we became one of a kind!”

MISTERWATCH talks to Lorenzo Giannuzzi about how Forte Village reopens as the world’s safest luxury holiday destination.

The holiday destination on the South side of Sardinia was established in 1970 and since then it is the international example for everything related to luxury hospitality. Forte Village Resort received the World’s Leading Resort award 16 times from the World Travel Awards and the list of awards continues year after year.

Lorenzo Giannuzzi has been coordinating the perfect recipe for 25 years and as CEO & General Manager he is and will do everything needed so that his guests feel relaxed and happy during their time spent in the middle of the Sardinian natural oasis of beauty.

Opening now after the Coronavirus crisis, Forte Village promises a perfectly safe environment with measures that can be considered references for the entire tourism industry. Everyone entering is tested with all the methods and having only one entrance means that the access in the resort can be totally monitored. Once inside, the spirit of Forte Village continues to impress with all the luxury services that brought its international recognition for so many years.

Forte Village is one of the exclusive stories in MISTERWATCH printed Magazine No. 5/2020

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