20 September 2020 |
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Jean-Claude Biver: “The most important thing you need is LOVE!”

Jean-Claude Biver has written the success stories of watch brands like Blancpain, Omega, Hublot, Zenith and TAG Heuer. He is one of the key people inside the Swiss horological industry. But when asked to talk business, he will advise people to have passions, to dedicate time to their families and to love, as love is the most important thing!

“If I can give only one recommendation to people: Please try to have a passion! Try to work in your passion! And in your life you must have a very strict ethical behaviour. You must share! You must forgive mistakes, because who are we if we don’t do mistakes? You can only learn through mistakes. And, number three, you must respect! If you share and respect then what can happen? You are in the direction of love and love is the real equilibrium of life. The most important thing you need is love!”

Talking to Jean-Claude Biver is always a moment of inspiration and motivation, much more than business theories. He uses words as “passion”, “family” and “love” to define his successful career as CEO for iconic watch brands. He has the gift to make anyone understand that chasing luck and money will bring nothing to no one. His advices are true life lessons.

The interview follows at the link below.