10 February 2021 |
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Hotspot Workhub is different from anything you would have thought of an office space. The special atmosphere immediately makes it clear that it is a destination where you can focus on any business-related activity. But just as easily, the mix of light, design and services makes you feel as comfortable as in the reception of a five-star hotel.

“I have already written that «Flex is the new black». It seems to me that the office can no longer be the commitment you make for five or ten years. Nothing lasts that long any more, so flex office spaces become risk brokers, intermediating two opposite interests: office building owners who need long-term clients and flex offices administrators who take the risk upon them and offer flexibility to their members instead. Because, in my opinion, the future is the flexibility of time-space, as is the transition from the office for work to the office for interaction. “Tudor Popp’s opinion matters when it comes to anything related to workspaces. In almost 30 years, he built a career in the field of offices, which he discovered from the first day he arrived in Vienna to study. He initially collaborated with a real estate agency specialized in office spaces where he had the opportunity to design hundreds of plans to optimize the activity of companies from all kinds of industries. In 2005, he received an important position in Bucharest in the team that designed and built the most modern headquarters of a Romanian company with 60,000 employees. On the occasion of this project, he met his future business partner from Germany, with whom he set up his own company specialized in office spaces.

“I had a lot of projects and I was always concerned with how to define the relationship between quality and productivity. We studied the relationship between quality and well-being of people working in an office, from the early 20th century until, in the 1950s, a German company launched the concept of «openspace» which was then called «landscape office».”

Everything that comes so natural today in Hotspot is in fact the fruit of the work, passion and experience of Tudor Popp and his team of specialists. The project managed to give shape and style to a unique workspace where, depending on the needs of the moment or on the duration, clients find almost any scenario, from conference rooms with lots of natural light or high-performance technology to soundproofed offices and common areas dedicated to socializing such as the Cafe or the kitchen. And all in a bright atmosphere that inspires quality.

“I found this space by chance and it was clearly totally atypical for a conventional office. But I liked the atmosphere and I knew that I could put into practice my concept of flex offices, ie «the new ways of working». We have concentrated here everything we have studied and learned these years and we are very satisfied with the result. We have established a franchise system and now we define what is unique and how it can be declined. We consider it to be the first 3D landscape office. The specialty of this place is that you have 3 floors where you carry out your activity and not only one, as usually. We wanted to take advantage of the height, the skylights and turn the idea of ​​the office day into a special experience.”

The attention to detail, comfort and implicitly to quality is translated at Hotspot also by the complete furnishing with Vitra products, a Swiss brand recognized as the Rolls-Royce of functional furniture, but with an approach that is based almost exclusively on how you feel without the use of opulent materials and colors. In the final landscape, the chairs, tables and sofas match perfectly with the Hotspot’s mission to address clients who understand exactly the meaning of the expression “form follows function”.

“We did not try to do anything just for the sake of beauty but we wanted a balance between form and functionality. The merit of the designers was to add colors and take advantage of a culture of materials that helped us make scientifically justified decisions. I believe that in the lives of the people who choose us, the quality is felt. And that matters the most.”

More details: www.hotspot.space