27 October 2021 |
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Hotspot launched Proxi concept, the flexible proximity working space

Hotspot Workhub, the most advanced premium co-working space in Bucharest, is expanding with a new concept designed to adapt in the proximity of people who need and want a business destination outside their home.

Hotspot Proxi brings a new interpretation of the idea of ​​co-working, declining the avant-garde concept already promoted by Hotspot in various compact formats that can be adapted in spaces for services located in residential neighborhoods or related to retail or hospitality. The first step arrives in a bookstore, where the package of benefits that encourage productivity blends naturally with the creative environment of books and lifestyle products.

To find out more details about how Proxi appeared and how it is intended to evolve, we talk to Tudor Popp, Hotspot’s founder and managing partner.

Where does the concept of a co-working space in a bookstore start?

The concept came out during the pandemic when we studied very carefully the evolution of offices and the flexibility needs of employees. On one hand, it was clear to me that many employees will no longer want to work in a sterile, crowded and very stressful office, and on the other hand, the need for local offices has emerged. The “trip” to a distant office is no longer justified in the world of “work from anywhere”. The unique atmosphere of Cărturești bookstores and especially the one focused on design from Carturesti Verso, but also their location in central, densely populated areas, led to this first experiment that is gaining momentum and that we can’t wait to multiply.

What are the main elements that define a flex office Hotspot brand? Why is Proxi the ideal place for a business meeting, brainstorming or simply a work day?

Hotspot Proxi is more aimed at freelancers and creative companies and it is very important to keep the same quality standards we implemented in Hotspot Workhub. From ergonomic workstations and natural light to good coffee and atmosphere. The experience of those who come to work at Hotspot must be a memorable one that generates recommendations and returns as often and pleasant as possible.

A story about the future. Where do you see the Proxi concept expanding?

Hotspot Proxi must become the seal (symbol) of quality that, applied on very diverse spaces, will guarantee an optimal working environment for the context in which we place it. We want to have Proxi in densely populated areas, among blocks of flats, which will be a center of creative neighborhood communities, but also in up-scale residential neighborhoods on the outskirts of Bucharest where residents can hold business meetings or work concentrated and productive, having at hand all the necessary equipment and technology. But we want to expand to other cities and countries, because the office needs of digital nomads are very similar everywhere.