11 May 2020 |
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Ezio Indiani, General Manager Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan: “We will maintain the luxury service!”

Ezio Indiani is heading Principe di Savoia since its rebirth as Milan’s leading 5 star hotel. Himself and his team have set an example for the international luxury travel.

It is impossible to talk about Milan without including Hotel Principe di Savoia. It was established almost 100 years ago and it was one of the first business hotels in Europe. Ezio Indiani came as general manager of the hotel in 2005, after the property was bought by Dorchester Collection group.

Today, during the Coronavirus crisis, Principe di Savoia is adapting for the near future. The team of Ezio Indiani is taking all the necessary measures having in mind that the hotel has to keep its luxury atmosphere and service. The strategy they put in place comes as an example for all the industry.

Ezio Indiani is talking about how the management reacted during the lockdown and about the way they keep all the team united even if everyone is staying at home. Moreover, guests have to be offered complete safety so that the hotel is preparing with all the necessary measures.

The video follows at the link below. Enjoy!