17 June 2019 |
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The Magic of Chef Christian Sinicropi

La Palme d’Or restaurant is the place to visit for the food but more for the magic of Chef Christian Sinicropi.


La Palme d’Or has all the reasons to be considered a famous restaurant. It is the place where all the famous people eat during Cannes Film Festival and the place to be during all year. It is a two Michelin stars destination and has all the „fancy” ingredients to be considered exclusive. It is accessed by a discrete entrance where you get after a short but elegant ride with a private elevator directly from the lobby of Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez.

On the way to the table, the careful and perfectly trained stuff makes sure you are always assisted. During those two or three minutes, you have the time to notice the sort of cozy atmosphere which follows all the interior decorations. But the magic starts before thinking you’re in the same spot where Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts or Robert DeNiro have their quality time while in town.

The first clue arrives after you are sited in the comfortable seats facing the sea. The waiter hands you a letter from the Magic Chef Christian Sinicropi and you’re already invited to free your senses and to discover a menu where the unique recipes are enriched in original ceramic plates made together with his wife. There is a choice of six themes for the adventure through the local ingredients. After you name your preference, the Chef will prepare the same meat or vegetables in three different moods, each of them as a complete experience.

The dessert part is again the time to choose a theme and to receive two refreshing and soul healing interpretations. Only then you remember to look at the watch and to realize that more than three hours have made you a better person. And not a single moment was about the fame of the characters you can meet at La Palme d’Or. The Magic belongs to the play between shapes, textures, flavors and an excellent service discretely managed by Maitre D’ Cedric Cervain.

The first time in the restaurant was six years ago and it was my first Michelin starred restaurant. During all this time, I have been in a few other Michelin places but not even one so magical inspired. Thank you, Chef Christian Sinicropi!